Should Believers Swear? (cuss)

Should Believers Swear? (cuss) I was watching a friends timeline yesterday when all of a sudden a post showed up with a meme that had a blatant, what I would consider swear word in it! Now I do not think this person considers themselves a teacher but being that I would say 95% of all […]

Message To My Messianic and Christian Friends

Message To My Messianic and Christian Friends I have been online a lot since the inception of the Internet. My first Internet was BBS systems and that was our Social Media. In the last several years since Social Media became a thing and we could reach out and “minister” to people on a large scale […]

Pureflix Entertainment – My Review

Last week I installed the one month Trial of Pureflix Entertainment to see how my wife and I would like it. We were looking for good, wholesome Entertainment that would be acceptable for the whole family. We were not disappointed. With well over 2000 Titles and growing Pureflix offers a large selection of movies that […]