Friend Asked Me Today……

Founded in Truth MinistriesWhich Torah Teachers Do you Listen to……I have stated that I watch or listen to many but he suggested I list them on my Blog so here goes….

1) Greg Hershberg – Getzel on Youtube.I just frankly like his style of teaching. Straight to the point.

2) Founded in Truth – Matthew has a lot of historical facts which I have never heard anywhere else.

3) 119 Ministries – While I do not agree with everything they say or some conclusions they have come to in the past, they make interesting informative videos.

4) Ask Dr Brown – more great info , a little more Charismatic than I like but again some solid info

5) Now You See TV – If you like long, heady videos these guys discuss it all. I would approach these with an open mind and just enjoy. Again I do not agree with all of their stuff but I do find them entertaining

6) Rob Skiba – If you enjoy flat earth controversy then you will enjoy this. I actually enjoy Rob

7) Torah Life Ministries – I also enjoy Paul

8) Zachary Bauer – Some more straight ahead teaching

On Facebook People I read and watch

1) Tyler Dawn Rosenquist – Context For Kids and just Good Info

2) Rico Cortez

3) Torah Thumper

4) Gerry Paul Dedonis

5) David Wilbur

6) Matthew Vander Els – Founded in Truth

OK well that should be enough to help you get started on a journey of seeking truth…..Enjoy some of these resources.


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