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So I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine.…..well I guess ex friend now as he did a hit and run on Facebook Messenger. A little back story – he is an ex Pastor who came out as gay (2nd friend of mine who was an ex Pastor and came out) I have made my views clear that homosexuality is not acceptable to God and it doesnt matter how you attempt to justify it you cannot get around what Scripture says and how God sees it.

Now I do know that everyone sins but when we are aware of a sin our lives we are to repent and turn from it.

I made the mistake of sending him a message and used the word “chosen lifestyle” and that was enough to send him off the rails telling me to be careful who I judge …..It is not me who is the final judge however if someone is going to come onto my Facebook wall and quote Scripture then I am going to assume that you are part of the Church therefore 1 Corinthians 5:12 comes into play and I not only have the right to judge your actions kindly, which I did, but also have the right to say what I have to say.

I am sorry people think that I have to filter my opinions through their lens. I have been consistant when it comes to the subject of homosexuality within the Church as well as other subjects.

When the only Scripture you throw at me is “judge not lest you be judged” you know that I will not let that stand. That has been used out of context by so many people to justify their sinful lifestyle and I have heard it many times over my career.

Now I do not mind being unfriended and blocked but no one is going to grow if we cannot have a logical, rational discussion. Yep making friends and losing them one day at a time.

We are either going to be bold about our faith or we aren’t …….I have friends that disagree with my faith, they do not like some of the things I say and do not have the same faith as I do. We can have great discussions yet at the end of the day can disagree and move on as friends. I have had friends who have told me specifically they do have unfollowed me because of some of my content….fair enough!

I will attach once again the video of Dr. Christopher Yuan and his testimony. I had the priviledge of seeing him in person at North Langley Community Church several years back. He is a gay man serving God and living a life of celibacy.

I do not want to please man but DO want to please my Creator.

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