Message To My Messianic and Christian Friends

Message To My Messianic and Christian Friends

edify and build upI have been online a lot since the inception of the Internet. My first Internet was BBS systems and that was our Social Media.

In the last several years since Social Media became a thing and we could reach out and “minister” to people on a large scale I am starting to notice the decline of the “christian” witness more and more. What do I mean by that?

Those calling themselves Believer’s, Pastors included, calling people names online because they disagree with them about certain doctrinal issues. For example – pre/post/mid trib rapture or no trib rapture, flat earth (yes some people believe this), politics, climate change, clothing, tattoos, etc etc etc.

I see people arguing with each other especially in this new Political Climate and spewing venom all in the name of the one who saved us.

Sometimes we need to disagree and move on. Bashing people over the head with your 20 lb KJV Bible and throwing Scriptures (usually in the likes of “judge not”) taken out of context is not going to bring anyone closer to finding the One you serve. You are to plant the seed. It is not your job to convict or convince. Leave that up to the Holy Spirit.

Plant the seed. Then plant another seed.

Our Mission, if you choose to accept it is to build up and edify each other letting iron sharpen iron. Never to tear down.

Many people you are speaking to are broken, hurting people. Many have been hurt previously by a church or people in it who didthe same thing to them in the past that you are doing to them now.

Many have been wounded by parents, foster parents, teachers, school mates, pastors and the list goes on. These could be physical hurts, mental hurts or just words that cut deep.

You cannot tell them that the One you follow loves them while they perceive you as abusing them. That is not how it works.

There is an old saying that “hurt people, hurt people.” What has made you so angry that you feel the need to be right? Sometimes as we share we need to take a look inside and see if what we are sharing will truly edify or does it break down?

I stand by my statement. Social Media is damaging the cause of the Church in a lot of ways!

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