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Truth's In The Word RadioWhere Have I Been?

It has been a very busy New Year indeed, deciding which battles I am going to choose to fight and which ones I will stay out of for now. So what have I been up to? An Online Christian Radio Station, that’s what!

1) Starting an Online Christian Radio Station – This has taken up a lot of my time for the last 15 days. Finding the right software to automate the Station, waiting for licensing, acquiring music, putting together the Station and getting the music up to the servers is very time consuming but it is up and running. You can hear it on this site. In the side panel is a play button….hit that or hit the picture to the left to go directly to the stream.

I am now running Christian Music from the 70’s to Current but will be adding more classic music as the weeks go on. I will be also be sharing some Messianic Music as I am able to find it.

2) Blogging – I need to start studying more and making more blog posts. Will be adding to this site soon. I also have a few other sites that I run for other people as well as a couple of sites for myself. Blogging keeps me busy!

3) Affiliate Marketing – I sell stuff online. I have various sources which help me to promote products and make a living online but have been distracted by the Online Christian Radio Station so will be getting back to this shortly.

4) Teaching People – I help people with the things they need to learn online from building simple websites to getting their message out. I will usually make them a video to help them accomplish what they want to do online or show them the info they need to have.

5) Local Marketing – This I will be starting next month. I want to help local small business to use the online world, social media included, to market their business.

As you can see I am just getting ramped up for 2018. The New Year is showing a lot of promise.

Please keep my wife and I in your prayers as we are building new ventures.

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