The Taming of the Tongue

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Taming of The Tongue – Pastor Matthew Vander Els
Challenging Sermon

This weekend my wife and I watched a teaching by Pastor Matthew Vander Els. It was deeply challenging to myself and my wife.

This teaching made me personally think about things i have said to people over the last year andhow I have interacted harshly with people when I should have reacted differently.

It also made me think about the current Presidential Candidates and some of the things we (myself included) as Believers, say about people we do not know and their situations.

When we are posting on Facebook do we realize how that post may affect others? Do we care? As a mutiple Social Media Platform user and a Believer I have to be much more careful what I say and how I convey what I mean.

I have been challenged by this one teaching in a number of ways and wanted to share it with you. It is 58 minutes long so grab a coffee or tea, a notebook and take the time to see if this challenges you, as much as it did me to be careful what you say or what you post on Facebook and in other places.

Scripture References:

Psalm 101:5
Colossions 3:9-10
Proverbs 11:13
Proverbs 27:2
Phil 2:14-15
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Ephesians 5:4
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Gal 5:20
Matthew 18:15 – tells us how to deal with those who offend us
but Matthew makes a great point about this in his sermon



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