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Matthew 7:14Wow this last year has flown by and I can hardly believe what has been happening. I took some time off to think about my faith and to decide what I really believed and how I was going to activate that in my life. (some people call it deconstructing however I believe that is an overused term in this day and age)

I wanted to know why I believe what I believe? Why do we do certain things and wanted to understand Scripture like never before in conjunction with Church History and context. It has been an incredible journey but it isn’t done yet.

I wanted to learn things like – why did Noah bring the animals in the ark two by two (when that wasn’t the case at all) What were unclean animals and what were clean that went on the ark and why the distinction? It was like going down the rabbit hole of beliefs that I held since Sunday School and finding out what I was being taught there did not line up with Biblical Scripture.

I will also be taking this blog in a different direction. I think that I will stick as closely to Scripture and History as I can and let others do the exposes on what is going on in the world today. We need to get back to Scripture in my humble opinion and really get back to studying. I will share video that I think are really good. I will update my Testimonies page often as well as my sidebar with Radio and Video Channels.

I am hoping to do 3 blog posts a week although next week my wife and I are headed off the grid for 1 week (well deserved vacation) and possibly a second week in there if we choose.

NO, I havent left my faith – I was just doing a lot of fine tuning!

I will also share products I think you may be interested in. If you choose to purchase I will get a small commission for said purchase but you are under no obligation to buy.

Hoping to add in Youtube Channel, swag (mugs, clothing etc) A radio station again, and more fun stuff. Check back often!!!!



Thought you may like this book ! Arkansas Minister says:

It has been very very seldom in my long life that I agree with a particular author on everything. But this is one of those times and it has been a joy to read. To me, her first book sets up her major tenets while the second one seems to expand, enhance and fill in gaps.
It’s been very interesting to see her weave in all the beliefs of what true believers should be believing, yet not get sucked into Hebrew Roots Movement. I find that part of her writings very refreshing. Not trying to slam the HR movement, but in so many books that reflect that mindset seem to beat you up because you may not agree with them 100%, but many also seem to just repeat what someone else has written. Sometime it’s hard to figure out who the first author was because they all say they same thing.
You will not find any of that here. I thoroughly enjoyed both books and have already started to re-read “The Bridge”because I really got a lot out of it the first time through but I’m pretty sure I probably missed something. If you want to read how the first century church believers lived their lives and how we should be living ours today, I couldn’t recommend anything better than to get these books. Just be sure to read, “The Bridge” first! I guarantee you will learn much and enjoy much! Shalom!



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