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The Rise of Truth’s In The Word from Ashes

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Read The Bible Live it OutFor many years I had written for this Blog and then about 6 years ago stopped. I always kept the domain name but had nothing to write about or felt that my wee space on the Internet ws not worth the time to keep it going.

We had also stopped going to a Church that we had attended due to a disagreement with a Pastor over nothing to do with Church or Doctrine but personal things and then he brought members of the Church into it. We lost friends and then Covid hit so we were pretty isolated over the last 2 and a half years.

At that time I began “deconstructing” my faith. I didnt do this in the typical sense I just wanted to make sure what I believed came from the Scriptures in context and not from men and all of the teachings that I had sat through throughout the years. Why did I believe what I believed? Was it Biblical and was I actually following the teachings Jesus gave us.

This took me down many rabbit holes and I did a lot of reading and research to get to where I get to reconstruct my faith again.

Do to some health issues it has intensified my search for truth more and more.

If I had to put a “title” on my faith it would be Messianic or Follower of the teachings of Yeshua/Jesus. Not Hebrew Roots as there are almost as many denominations there as there are in Christianity.

I love God. Even while deconstructing my faith and sometimes choosing sin over what I knew was right I still loved God. I am in Good Company. David, Moses, Paul, anyone in Scripture who was loving God yet chose to sin are in my friends list. I now have come to a place where I realize what sin is before i do it and then make the choice. Getting stronger by the day.

My whole premise with this Blog will be – “What if we read and studied the Bible – Did the Do’s and Don’t do The Dont’s.” Sounds simple enough yet many Believers today dont read their Bible never mind study it and put it into practice.

This is what I am desiring to do. I will share what my beliefs are in the coming posts and as I believe God gives me to share. I havent gone of the wall and still believe the core beliefs and Doctrines of Christianity. I am just a little obsessed with Scripture and its context at this point.

I will share teachings that I find, video, movies online and music. Hope you will join me in this journey.

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